midweek musings

A not OK Musing 9/30/2020

even though we have found ways to move forward and even do some pretty amazing things - everything is not OK.

What do you want? A Midweek Musing

So, knowing I had a busy week I wrote my Midweek Musing on Monday and you will see it – perhaps next week. But before Wednesday came, I listened to and then read a sermon from Rev. Tom Are, Jr. who is pastor of the Village Presbyterian Church in Prairie Village, Kansas. I often listen to Tom as part of my own study and worship and I have been known to use something he said as a quote in my own sermons. Tom or “Tommy” as my parents knew him when he was in their youth group at Shallowford Presbyterian Church in Atlanta a few years ago is a gifted preacher and pastor. As my Dad knew him in those formative years, he claims he taught Tom all he knows! The fact that Tom’s father was also a very gi

Musing and Mockingbirds

I am sure you are each familiar with the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It was published in 1960 and became immensely popular selling millions of copies. The book has been translated into over 40 languages. In 1961 it won a Pulitzer Prize. The novel has been praised for its thoughtful and yet honest treatment of racism and prejudice in the depression era American South. In 1963, the book was turned into movie starring Gregory Peck and it was nominated for numerous Academy Awards, winning three. The story’s main protagonist is “Scout” Finch, the elementary age daughter of one of the town’s attorneys named Atticus Finch. In the story, Atticus Finch agrees to defend a black man fals

A Lilies of the Field Musing

As a family going on six months into this pandemic, we have really been trying to stay social distanced and we always wear a mask when we cannot. We cook at home or do take out. Until it was too hot to go outside, we enjoyed walks. We have read some, played on our devices too much and watched lots of TV. Personally, with the new emphasis in our nation regarding social justice, I have tried to become more aware of the achievements of the African American community. Even though I thought I knew a great deal, it is evident I have so much more to learn. Additionally, I want to fully understand some of the trivia I was familiar with. For example, at trivia nights I could tell you that Sidney Poit

A Musical Musing of Remembrance

This week I have been moved by emails and social media posts remembering Bob Lamborn. He was the amazing Band Director at LaFayette High School from 1960-1988 and the choir director at LaFayette Presbyterian Church starting in 1982. During his time at LaFayette High School the band grew in number and quality. He was so successful that Johnny Cash even performed a benefit concert to help fund the Band Program’s growing needs. Throughout his tenure the Rambler Band continued to grow in quantity and quality, becoming consistently one of the largest in the region and achieving numerous superior ratings at concert and marching festivals. More important than his musical talents, he was a leader an


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