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Midweek Musing 11/22/2023

A Poem and Prayer of Thanks for LPC


In LaFayette, Georgia, a congregation small

Worship and mission are their historic call.


Welcoming arms, inclusive embrace,

A family united by God’s love and grace.


With a heart for service, joy abounds,

Seeking to feed and comfort wherever hurt is found.


Faithful worship echoes through the echoes of time,

In a historic sanctuary, a place where spirits still climb.


Through stained glass windows, light rays stream,

A rainbow of colors, a reminder of hopes and dreams.


In creeds and confession, united they stand,

A testimony of faith in God’s promised plan.


Song of faith and soft prayer reverberated in each voice,

It’s a symphony of faith, where for Christ’s gift they rejoice.


Amidst joy and sorrow, in laughter or tears,

They know to God they belong in all of their years.


They hear the prophets' call for justice, Jesus’s call to love,

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, strengthened by the cloud of witnesses above.


I hear faithful hymns, melodies so sweet,

And I’m thankful for these Presbyterians (USA), who oft pray with their feet.


They live the truth that no one’s outside the Creator’s love,

Diversity is beautiful; it’s a strength from above.


In LaFayette and beyond, hearts with gratitude swell,

For a church where God's mercy, grace, and love forever dwell.


For they seek to build God’s kingdom on earth as in heaven

Living toward a holy time, a promised day that we’ve been given.


O God, I give thanks for both the past and today.

For this faithful family who seeks to follow your way.


May you give them energy, courage, imagination, and love

And hope like the spirit you sent as a dove.


As they continue to do the good that is theirs to do

May they always do so for the glory of You.


Clay Gunter 11/21/2023


Happy Thanksgiving to ALL from Clay, Laura, Brittany, and Sydney



For LaFayette Presbyterian Church

LaFayette, Georgia



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