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A Musing inspired by Eckhardt and Keith July 5, 2023

This week I am spending time at Walt Disney World with all of my family. My parents, my siblings, and all of my and my sibling’s children are here. 17 of us in all! It has been nice to spend time with everyone because it rarely happens. And with everyone's busy schedules I don't know when it will happen again.


My brother Keith is a Presbyterian minister in Nashville Tennessee actually he is outside of Nashville in Hendersonville Tennessee. With my working as a Commission Ruling Elder aka lay pastor, we inevitably have talked about church stuff. One of the things I have enjoyed hearing just a little bit about is his recent sabbatical.


He had an opportunity because of a grant to do some pretty amazing things. He traveled out West and to hike the Patagonia, to visit Costa Rica and a whole bunch of other stuff including spending time in silence in a monastery. I had no idea he could be quiet for Several hours let alone several days!


Of course part of any sabbatical is spending some time reading and in study. One of the people he spent time studying was Meister Eckhart.


Meister Eckhart (1260- 1327) was a Germany mystic, theologian and philosopher. Eckhart taught a radical religious philosophy of seeing God in all. His mystical experiences and practical spiritual philosophy gained him a popular following, but it also caused him to be tried for heresy by a local inquisition. Despite having writings condemned as heretical, he remains an important source of mystical experience within the Christian tradition. 1


Anyway as we were talking I shared with him about the fact that I have now written over 200 of these musings. He reminded me that he knows as I always include him on my e-mail. He says I am trying to show off and I tell him I'm trying to give him ideas and I'm waiting for him to do the same for me.


With that barb he said, I will be glad to s an idea with you for your musing. You should simply share with them the prayer of Meister Eckhart and encourage them to do it. You are often too long winded.”


(I am sure when my daughter Sydney reads that part of this musing she will say Amen!)


So here it is and I encourage us ALL to do it.


If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.

Meister Eckhart

Have a blessed week.



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