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Angels in the Attic

It is Christmas Eve Eve in one of the strangest years ever.

While 20/20 vision means clarity, the year 2020 has meant anything but clarity! Whether COVID or politics or the economy nothing seems clear. It has been a year where all the "noise" has made keeping our focus extremely hard. Yet into that noise comes the baby as the prophets promised. The Christ-child arrives and with him the story of hope for peace on earth and goodwill to all.

Perhaps this year more than any other we needed to go into our attics and put up the trees and tinsel and wreaths and lights. Perhaps more than ever we needed to hear the carols and holiday songs of joy. Perhaps more than ever we need to light candles and remember hope, peace, joy, and love. Perhaps more than ever we need to remember a holy silent night where a baby was born and whose entering into the world was only observed by barn animals, shepherds, and scared confused parents. Perhaps more than ever we need to remember and rejoice in a night of the birth of the one who would change not only the world but also you and me if we will only choose to let him.

David M. Bailey was a Presbyterian singer-songwriter who came to that career late in life after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer that the doctors said would kill him in less than 6 months. He beat the odds and lived 14 years before succumbing to the disease.

During that time he traveled and sang music he wrote and also thank goodness recorded. The music and his words are powerful. They often remind us that every single day is a gift from God is for each of us.

David also recorded a number of Christmas songs and perhaps my favorite is entitled Angels in the Attic.

I would like to share the words with you as well as a link to the song itself.

In the song, David reminds us that the gift of the Christ-child born over 2000 years ago in Bethlehem is available to us all year long.

Friends, I implore you to not let Christmas joy disappear when you pack up the decorations. Instead, let it remain with you every day. For our joy is not found in ornaments and twinkling lights but in a savior who is Christ the Lord.

Alleluia, Amen, and Merry Christmas.

It’s Christmas time again Feels like an old familiar friend The angel on the tree Is looking down at me She's been sleeping in the attic for a year now Waiting for this day to arrive She’s only got a short while to shine her light Just like us, gotta shine while you're alive It’s Christmas time again Feels like an old familiar friend There's music in the air Songs are everywhere They've been left alone in silence for a year now Waiting for somebody to sing They haven't changed a note since the last time they were played Not like us, look at what a year can bring It's Christmas time again Feels like an old familiar friend Gifts beneath the tree Hope there is one for me And that baby we’re all here to remember The reason that the angel sings her song Well the angel is gonna fly away when the song is over But the baby will be with you all year long It's Christmas time again So good to have a friend, Emmanuel


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